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What if I wrote a book and nobody read it? Well,  that's why I'm offering these e-books free of charge. I figure if I went to the bother of writing them maybe someone will be interested in reading them.  Most are in .Lit  format and can be read in Microsoft's free Reader program. They are also available in .mobi (.prc) format and can be read in Mobi Reader, Palm Reader, on your Kindle or any other reader capable of that format. Then there's HTML format. in zipped format and can be opened with Winzip, Windows zipped folders or most other archive programs. They are also available as Adobe Reader .pdf files - most of those are also free -  from my storefront at For those who prefer to read "real" books, most can be purchased in trade paperback and hardcover there as well. (It is my intention to eventually get everything into print, but it takes time. I am also in the process of  converting them to ePub format and are available at too. Some of my books are already on sale at Barnes and Noble's site, the iBookstore and Amazon.

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A Plethora of Deities, Book XII
The Care and Feeding of Your Elder God

    Enki has been attacked and possibly left for dead and then Ratatosk disappears while looking into the matter, leaving our usual cast of deities, angels and demons at a loss for who might be responsible. As they delve deeper into the matter they find the danger comes at them from out of the ancient world.

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 The World of Maiyim - Fantasy  and  Fantasy-SF  Adventures
LIft Off!Desired Results

Maiyim is a world covered with water and on which the only land is comprised by three major archipelagos and several somewhat smaller island groups and a few stray isolated islands. It is also a world of magic. When first planned, I only had a series of four stories in mind (The Maiyim Tetralogy). However, as time went on, the possibilities were too great to stop at only four stories and so the world grew. I set myself a challenge to write the various stories in historical milieus other than Medieval.  The Maiyim Tetralogy takes place in a world that is sociologically and technologically analogous to the turn of the Twentieth Century. The second series, another tetralogy called Ars Nova Magica (incidentally Latin for "The New Magical Art") starts approximately sixty years after the final story of the first series when the world is similar to the late 1960's through the mid-1970's. The third series (Ars Scientiaque Magicae or "The Art and Science of Magic") takes place some two centuries after the end of Ars Nova Magica and is a hybrid of Fantasy and Science Fiction. There are also various connecting stories and side stories between the main stories, making this a full and rich fantasy world.

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Gaenor's Quest     Fantasy Adventure

Gaenor was always an odd duck in her hometown of Narmouth, but few would have expected her to apply for the job as an adepts' apprentice and none at all would have expected her to become an adept of worldwide renown. This series follows her adventures with fellow adept Artur the Southlander as they and their allies attempt no less than to save the world. Gaenor's Quest is a fantasy adventure set in a 19th Century milieu.

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Gaenor's Prophecy Fantasy/SF Adventure

It has been twelve years since Gaenor, Artur and their comrades saved the World, but times have changed and both Magic and Technology has advanced. Rejoin Gaenor, Artur and the rest of the cast of characters from Gaenor's Quest in a new adventure set in a Late 19th/Early 20th Century milieu.

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A Plethora of Deities  Humorous  Fantasy
Dancing with the Spinx: FoxtrotChasing Rainbows

This did not start out as a series, but gradually grew into one. It involves various mortals who in one way or another get involved with the gods of the Ancient world. The recurring cast includes the gods of ancient Mesopotamia, Mother Nature, and a demoness who's been possessed by a human soul.

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Down Time, Ltd.    Science  Fiction  Humor

Meet Aurellian Pflum, temporal taxi-driver, tour guide, professional trouble magnet and his not-always trusty "Transitory Time Transport" or "Transit" for short. Join him and his assistants on a variety of wacky adventures through time and probability.

Moral: Never trust a time machine that was built from junkyard parts!

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The Pirates of Pangaea  Science  Fiction Adventure

With a killer asteroid headed toward Earth and the nations of the world on the brink of a nuclear war, several thousand volunteers are selected for the audacious Project Van Winkle to provide the seed for a new civilization should the worst happen. Unfortunately, someone forgot to set the alarm and they wake up two hundred and fifty million years later, still on Earth, but in a world entirely alien to anything they knew.

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The Terralano Venture   Science  Fiction - Fantasy Hybrid

 This also started out as a one-time story about science-technology using humans who encounter magic-using aliens in deep space. Due to popular demand, however, I decided to write a sequel and then a third story as well. Like some of my other stories these are both science fiction and fantasy with touches of humor, satire and social commentary.

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The Wayfarers   Fantasy Adventure

A Continent without FormAn Ocean without ChartsAn Empire without Order

The world is made of islands of stability floating through the ever-changing Wild. Most humans can only live and work in the stabilities and their Wild cousins, the Kenlienta can only survive in the Wild. They truly live in two different worlds. The Ancient and Honorable Guild of Wayfarers bridges the gap between these two worlds. Fantasy in an 18th Century milieu.

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Stories of the Starcrash Universe    Science Fiction

This may not actually turn into a series, but...

Blame: A Story of the Starcrash

A story based in the Starcrash universe of Snakehead Games, Inc. The Starcrash Catastrophy was the greatest disaster in the history of Mankind, but until now the details have remained shrouded in mystery and obscurity. This story sheds light on some of the details. Click here to see more.



Non-series stories

I've written several stories that are not part of any series. Some eventually became parts of various series but not all...

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Coming next:  

Gaenor's Prophecy- Book 3
Inspired Dreams

Gaenor, Artur and the rest of their party continue on south from Maxforn, just as the on-going war with the Empire of Vohnider begins to heat up. The southern kingdoms are well-versed in advanced technology, but will even their scientific expertise be enough to counter all the new weaponry being employed by their enemies?

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