The Wayfarers


Fantasy adventure in a world analogous to the 18th Century. This is the most complex world I have ever envisioned. It might even be too complex in some ways, especially since I can't provide maps since it keeps changing. Instead, I have attempted to give some sense of the world by using names and some socio-political activities, etc. in various languages as they might have been in our own world during the 18th Century. It is certainly not this world, but there are some intentional parallels and I think my use of Earthly names and activities helps at least in the human-occupied stable areas. The world in the Wild is very different.


Book One:
A Land without Borders  

Introducing Raff and Emblem Cawlens and the Ancient and Honorable Guild of Wayfarers. Travel with Raff and Em as they solve mysteries, serve as guides to travelers and perform the diplomatic duties typical of master wayfarers. Available in Print

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Book Two:
A World without a Name 

Raff and Em Cawlens are taking their young charge, Kaz, back to the Green Lands, but when two great Powers go to war, they must negotiate a fair and equitable peace between them. However, they must travel thousands of miles to accomplish that and someone is not playing fair! Available in Print

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 Book Three:
A Nation without Maps
Raff and Emblem Cawlens were looking forward to spending the summer at leisure with their adopted son, but events conspire against them. Mysterious murders, politics, long time enemies and even friends force the Wayfarers back into action in this third book in the series. Available in Print

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Book Four:
A Country without Unity

    Several years earlier, Raff Cawlens managed to win in a no-win situation set up by his enemies. Now his adopted son, Kazani Basan, recently promoted to the rank of Master Wayfarer, finds himself in a similar situation only he has none of Raff's experience and his only assistance comes from his long-time friend Chanya Sanai. What he does not know is that the treacherous negotiations he has been assigned to are just the start of a long series of dangers designed to destroy him and his friends and family. Available in Print

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Book Five:
A Continent without Form

      Masters Raff and Emblem Cawlens, Kazani Basan and Chanya Sanai continue their search for a trio of rogue wayfarers whose actions threaten to topple the Ancient and Honorable Guild of Wayfarers. Available in Print

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 Book Six:

An Ocean without Charts

Masters Raff and Emblem Cawlens, Kazani Basan and Chanya Sanai continue their chase after rogue Wayfarer Julian d'Alere across the Bright Ocean through lands few if, any explorers, have yet visited and discover a far broader conspiracy than expected.

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Book Seven:

An Empire without Order

An Empire without Order

Master Wayfarer Raff Cawlens  and his companions may be all that stands between a unified Ken Nation and complete anarchy. However, failure to rescue the Kenlienta will also rebound on him and the entire Guild of Wayfarers.

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Book Eight:

An Island without a Shore

    In the Series conclusion, Kazani Basan, Chanya Sanai and Raff Cawlens must lead a team of Wayfarers and Kenlienta Elders in a monumental mission to stop a rogue human city from destroying the global ecology before others choose to engage in open warfare.

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