The Pirates of Pangaea


With a killer asteroid headed toward Earth and the nations of the world on the brink of a nuclear war, several thousand volunteers are selected for the audacious Project Van Winkle to provide the seed for a new civilization should the worst happen. Unfortunately, someone forgot to set the alarm and they wake up two hundred and fifty million years later, still on Earth, but in a world entirely alien to anything they knew. Science fiction adventure.

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Book One: 

  An Accidental Alliance

Waking up long after anyone could have imagined, Parker Holman and Iris Fain lead their team of explorers into the new and alien wilderness Earth has become only to discover that not only are they not alone but that their old planet has changed more than they imagined. Along the way they meet new friends and learn of enemies that would destroy them and their new world.

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Book Two:

      The Unscheduled Mission

    Parker Holman and his fellows thought they had won Earth her place in the galaxy, but the fighting was not over yet. Faced with duplicity and treachery, they learned their war had only yet begun. Soon they would be facing some of the finest warships in the galaxy under the command of a most ruthless admiral.

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Book Three:

   A Planned Improvisation

    Parker Holman and his compatriots had finally gained conditional acceptance by the members of the Galactic Alliance of Confederated Planets. "Just build a functioning stardrive and you'll have full membership," they were told, so they did. That's when all hell broke loose. This is book three of the series.

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Book Four:

Available in Print   The Forced Alternative

Being formally accepted into the Alliance of Confederated Worlds only increased the danger to Earth and all her indigenous peoples. Now the entire alliance is under attack and it is up to Parker Holman and his fellow Pirates to save the Alliance and end the threat from the Holy Premm Empire and their so-called Dark Ship allies once and for all.

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