Gaenor's Prophecy

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Follow adepts Gaenor of Narmouth, Artur the Southlander and others on this multi-volume quest set in a 19th Century level fantasy world. This series follows  Gaeonor's Quest.


Gaenor's Prophecy

Book One:

    Signs of Change


It has been twelve years since Gaenor, Artur and their comrades saved the World. Now a new catastrophe looms when the Southlands band together and begin a religious crusade against their neighbors, using new terror weapons unlike any used in the past. The Southlands were previously considered primitive and backwards, but now it is the rest of the World scrambling to keep up and Gaenor, Artur and their friends find themselves in the middle of it all.

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Book Two:

Corrected Visions

    In Book Two, Artur, Gaenor and their allies must prepare the World against the continuing aggression from The Holy Empire, formerly known as the Southlands. They have already conquered several technologically advanced nations in lightning-like strikes and are now adapting their newly captured technology into weapons unlike anything the World has ever seen. To hold them off the rest of the World must stand united, but not everyone sees the threat.

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Book Three:

Inspired Dreams

Gaenor, Artur and the rest of their party continue on south from Maxforn, just as the on-going war with the Empire of Vohnider begins to heat up. The southern kingdoms are well-versed in advanced technology, but will even their scientific expertise be enough to counter all the new weaponry being employed by their enemies?

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