The Starcrash Universe


     I had nothing to do with the creation of the Starcrash Universe. It is the property of Snakehead Games Inc. I was merely invited to write a story set in that universe.  But before presenting that story, allow me to tell you about their games. (If you already play one or both of these game, you may want to scroll down a bit...)

The Starcrash Writing Contest: Below is some information on the Starcrash Universe and a couple sample stories. More information is available at  

     Snakehead Games currently hosts two related on-line, interactive games; Spybattle 2165 and Star Pirates 

Spy Battle 2165

Regenabots were perhaps the greatest invention of all time. Thanks to them, people could conceivably live forever. And for a brief golden period Earth became a utopia. However, it could not last. Now, in a world depleted of natural resources and an over-abundant population, you get to play a special agent, going on secret missions, covert ops battles, gamble in the local casino and engage in battle with enemy agents and more. Sound like fun? Click here to join up.

Star Pirates 

Earth has been destroyed, but her survivors live in a variety of colonies and station habitats spread across the Solar System. Free captains infest the spaceways, attacking any target that may have value, scavenging precious resources and fighting for dominance among themselves. As one of those pirates you will explore, fight, mine the asteroids, gamble and much more. Sound like fun? Click here to join up.

Both games

What both game have in common is a vibrant and interesting interactive community of players. Among all the in-game mayhem and carnage, this is a collection of really fun men and women. All in all, a great bunch to hang out with. Within the game  you will find a live shout box, through which you can chat with other gamers, large forum for long-term discussion and questions, a personal messaging system and a bunch of really great  folks who are not only among the game's top players but who enjoy helping new players ease into the game and it community. There's a stock market you can invest in, a casino and a lottery, a market in which you can buy and sell game items. Want to write role-playing stories of your own? There's room for that too. There are special player-created mission you can run and you can design your own if you feel so inclined and there's a lot more on the horizon (and stuff I'm glossing over as well because it's easier to see for yourself than to read about it.

These games are browser-based, compatible with most major web browsers and require no downloads. They are also free to play, although many players prefer to purchase "Special Agent" or "Notorious" status for a small monthly fee for the additional bonuses they afford.  When there, look me up and ask for an invitation to my faction or fleet. In Spy Battle I use the name "Perry the Platypus" and among the pirates I'm called Cdre McArrgh.

Those links, again, are  Spy Battle 2165 and Star Pirates.


And now... the story:

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

     .pdf format        Zipped HTML: Format            Formatted for Mobi Reader and Kindle 

Regenabots were perhaps the greatest invention of all time. Now learn about them and their creator, Dr. Linda Red Willow.

Blame: A Story of the StarCrash

.lit Format            Zipped HTML Format        Formatted for Mobi Reader and Kindle

The StarCrash Catastrophy was the greatest disaster in the history of Mankind, but until now the details have remained shrouded in mystery and obscurity. This story sheds light on some of the details.

A note to players of Spy Battle 2165: This story is being released in conjunction with the opening of the first Spy Battle Ascension mission. It does not contain clues to accomplishing that mission, but it does provide additional details about the orbital farcaster stations and the people who work there.


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