Down Time, Ltd.


I had this idea in the back of my head for nearly two decades before I started writing it. I put it off so long, in fact that I completely forgot the originally planned cast of characters until I stumbled across them two years after writing the first book. But nothing's ever wasted, they show up in the third book...


Book One:
Down Time  
Meet Aurelian Pflum, temporal taxi driver and tour guide and his assistant, graduate student Jack Laterus. His "Transitory Time Transport" or "Transit" for short is far from the newest on the block and, in fact, is the only such certified temporal conveyance made from salvaged junkyard parts. The polite refer to its operation as eccentric, but when two tourists disappear from a tour to Paris in 1927, two who turn out to be wanted by the FBI, Only Pflum's transit can track them down and bring them to justice... assuming it doesn't get lost along the way. Available in Print

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Book Two:
Taking Time 
    Down Time Ltd. has always had to cooperate with the Department of Time Travel, so when Pflum's Transit develops the disconcerting ability to go places and times in the continuum no other Transit can reach, the DTT pressures Pflum and company to do just that
, but when the Transit malfunctions they are all sent on a journey worthy of the Twilight Zone.  Available in Print

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Book Three:
Time Out  
A noted temporal inventor has an all new device that will also Transits to move through time faster than ever, but when Pflum and his new assistant, Persephone Vincouer, take it out for a test drive Pflum's Transit goes totally out of control shooting them and their passengers to stranger worlds and times than even Pflum has ever experienced!   Available in Print

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Book Four:
Show Time! 
     One of Down Time's Transits has broken down in the field and Pflum and crew are off to the rescue. However, recent and federally mandated upgrades to Pflum's Transit leaves its operation unstable. They crash land on a world in which the culture is entirely devoted to the performing arts and all money is based on theatre tickets. How the heck are they going to buy replacement parts when even gold and silver coins are worthless?    Available in Print

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        Book Five:

      Double Time

            Aurellian Pflum, Time Pilot, is an easy-going kind of guy and can get along with almost anyone, except himself. Pflum and Persi return home from a simple milk-run to discover they had already arrived. Now each has an identical twin to cope with. Who says two heads are better than one? Available in Print

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