A Plethora of Deities


This is the one series I never intended. The first book was meant to stand alone and while the second book used many of the same characters, especially the gods of ancient Mesopotamia, I called it a "non-series" until the third book. By then I realized it fit together as an open-ended series, so there are likely to be more of these humor-based fantasies.


Book One:
 Downhill All the Way
Marcus Steele just wants to be an archaeologist, but when his fiancée is abducted by a terrorist he follows her through several supernatural realms, a guided tour through Hell and the dress rehearsal for Armageddon.  Available in Print

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Book Two:
 In the Sky With Diamonds
    Armegeddon is not good for children and other living things, and the gods want to get into the "swing" of the modern world, so they have chosen a hopefully less destructive way to contend against each other. Hawk Wilton was a major league baseball player for only five games, but now he had a chance to manage in the biggest league of all! Baseball in the ultimate fantasy league! Available in Print

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Book Three:
The Seed  
    What if you could grow a new Tree of Life? Eddy Salem, retired ad executive and gardening hobbyist, is the big winner in the Springtime Seed Company's contest. The prize, however, is a single mysterious seed. With the seed comes a host of equally mysterious people, including a trio of beautiful women who soon move in with him. Who are they and what, if anything, does any of this have to do with all the strange things that have been happening around the normally sleepy town of Hattamesett, Massachusetts? Available in Print

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Book Four:
 The TreeEddy and his guardian goddesses may have protected the new Tree of Life against the machinations of Loki and Iblis, but there's still half a year left before the Tree can come of age and there are more devious enemies massing just beyond sight! Available in Print

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Book Five:
Tempting the Fates -  Love is the watchword when goddess Inanna meets Michael Fulden. A pleasant chance encounter turns into a date and a romance, but love is never easy, even for the Goddess of Love and when she gets into an argument with the Moirae, those ancient Greek goddesses also known as the Fates, she finds herself living in interesting times. Available in Print

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Book Six:

Teasing the Furies - Evrona is not your typical teen-aged Fury, so it's up to Jael, a demoness who's been possessed by a mortal soul, to find a place for this misfit Erinys. Meanwhile Enki's come up with a new idea... Time to duck and cover! Available in Print

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Book Seven:

Inspiring the Muses

    Teen-aged Fury, Evrona is ready to go to college. Enki, the ancient god of water, magic and inventions wants to own a college. Convenient? Not hardly! Enki assembles the usual suspects and turns them into a faculty and the school year begins, but nothing is ever so simple when gods are involved!  Available in Print

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Book Eight:

Dancing with the Sphinx: Waltz

The start of a new sub-series within A Plethora of Deities. The Sphinx, sometimes known as Lizzie, has taken an interest in the art of the dance, but a universal riddle presents itself to her and her new companion, Wade Vogel, as they discover just how integral dance can be to the very structure and well being of the universe. Available in Print

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Book Nine:

Dancing with the Sphinx: Tango

    Wade, Lizzie and their friends, the gods of the dance may have found the perfect studio, but while waiting for their offer to be accepted Ihy gets a call from an old friend in Croatia - it seems there's a fearless vampire slayer on the loose. Meanwhile a giant one-eyed creature is rampaging across Greece. Coincidence or is there a connection? Available in Print

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Book Ten:

Dancing with the Sphinx: Foxtrot

The local zoning board is blocking Wade's Lizzie's attempt to open a dance studio when a pair of water spirits from Japan request Wade's a Lizzie's aide in dealing with a problem among the kitsune. Can they possibly fight city hall from thousands of miles away? Available in Print

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Book Eleven:
Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

Something is happening and it seems to involve all the rainbows in the world and rainbows are the essential tools of many deities. So when Jael finds a lost and confused messenger goddess from the Hawaiian pantheon wandering among the limbs of the Norse World tree, Yggdrasil and Iris, the personal message bearer of the Roman goddess Juno is nowhere to be found, someone is going to have to investigate.

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Book Twelve:
The Care and Feeding of Your Elder God

    Enki has been attacked and possibly left for dead and then Ratatosk disappears while looking into the matter, leaving our usual cast of deities, angels and demons at a loss for who might be responsible. As they delve deeper into the matter they find the danger comes at them from out of the ancient world.

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