Other Writers

    I'm hoping this page will soon be full of links to other author's sites.


    Moshe Harel (who so kindly colorized my maps) has written and published a book, The Last Room. It deals with a number of fascinating issues regarding human and alien cultures and the interaction between them. Visit his site  (or storefront as Lulu.com calls it) for this and his other imaginative work at www.lulu.com/mharel50

    Christine at Finding Free eBooks has blogged this site. She is compiling an impressive list of authors. Click the button to see who else is offering free eBooks  Finding Free eBooks!

   Jonathan Edward Feinstein (Me) Okay, so I'm not an "Other Author" but thought my Lulu page link elsewhere might get lost in the verbiage. For those interested in my stories in paperback or hardcover, my storefront is www.lulu.com/jonathan27