The World of Maiyim



First Series: The Maiyim Tetralogy  Maps are available (Updated 5/21/05) Colorized maps are also available

    Adventures featuring the mages;  Silverwind, Oceanvine and Candle. A fantasy world in a late 19th/early 20th century milieu.


Book One:
World of Water
- Fantasy adventure.   Wizard Silverwind and Journeywoman Oceanvine are forced to leave sleepy little Renton when word of a demonic curse on a nearby island reaches them. Available in Print

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Book Two:
Men of the Earth
- Fantasy adventure.   Silverwind, Oceanvine and their new apprentice mage, Candle, think they're on their way home when the king of a distant kingdom summons them to investigate an unusual series of murders. Available in Print

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Book Three:
Island of Fire
- Fantasy adventure.   While vacationing in tropical Bellinen, the mages encounter an odd plague that eventually leads them into the deep north to encounter Silverwind's old nemesis. Available in Print

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Book Four:
Gods of the Air - Fantasy adventure.   Life for the mages has settled back to an idyllic level for some years until word comes that the curse they battled some years earlier has returned. Now the gods themselves have enlisted Wizard Silverwind, Master Oceanvine and Journeyman Candle to rid the world once and forever of the demon spawn of Aritos. Available in Print

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Three Stories of Maiyim - Fantasy Adventure  Available in Print
     A Deadly Union - An Interesting Title - A Shattered Family (Printed version includes A Promising Career and A Fine Adventure)
These stories are not "Book 5" of the Maiyim Tetralogy but they do form a link between that series and Ars Nova Magica
In A Deadly Union Oceanvine and Candle join forces when they discover an enemy potentially more devastating that the demons they defeated a mere year earlier. Then a few years later, in An Interesting Title, Candle is a wizard candidate in Granom when the new enemy once more appears. Finally, in A Shattered Family, the Wizards Silverwind, Oceanvine & Candle are hired by the king when his investigators are unable to solve a series of petty, but magic-induced crimes.

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Second Series: Ars Nova Magica Fantasy/Science Fiction Adventures  Maps are available

    Sixty years have passed since the end of Gods of the Air and Maiyim has grown and developed accordingly. Welcome to fantasy in a late-1960's and 70's milieu.

Book One:
The Maiyim Bourne - Fantasy adventure. Old Candle, reputed to be the last wizard on Maiyim, apprentices two likely students, The Lady Elinor Jenynges and Sixtus Hardisty, when he takes them for a voyage on The Maiyim Bourne. Along the way they discover they have much to learn about themselves and the world they live in. But will they learn it in time before they have to fight for their lives against mages of the once benevolent One Maiyim conspiracy.  Available in Print

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Book Two:
The Staff of Aritos - Fantasy adventure.  Wizard Candle takes his two journeymen, Sextant and the new Oceanvine, to learn at the feet of the goddess of invention, Methis. But their lessons don't progress very far before  One Maiyim's activities on the Isle of Fire and throughout the Kingdom of Granom having them flying into mortal peril once more.  Available in Print

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A Promising Career - A Story of Maiyim. A special side story to the Ars Nova Magica series featuring Countess Ksanya from "The Staff of Aritos."  Available in Print Printed version included in same volume as the "Three Stories of Maiyim"

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A Fine Adventure - A Children's Story of Maiyim Kas and Genny are the young prince and princess of Granom, but when the revolution forced them to leave the Wurra Palace, funny old Uncle Candle brought them to the home of the mysterious Auntie Fireiron. Even more mysterious than Fireiron, though, was her home and the kids just can't resist the urge to explore.  Available in Print Printed version included in same volume as the "Three Stories of Maiyim"

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Book Three:
The Tears of Methis -  When the king requests their services, Candle, Oceanvine and Sextant race off to begin their deadliest adventure yet. Fantasy Adventure in a 1970's milieu. Available in Print  (Print version includes Freshman Orientation)

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Freshman Orientation - A Story of Maiyim.  Sally Candleson is anxious to begin her first semester at the University at Randona, but it's the extracurricular activities that can get you in trouble. Available in Print  (Print version included with The Tears of Methis)

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Book Four:
 The Book of Candle - Book Four of Ars Nova Magica. The Wizard Candle has died a hero's death, but his students continue on and now it's up to them to Oceanvine, Sextant and their new students to save the world from the sinister One Maiyim conspiracy in a life-or-death battle in the thrilling conclusion of Ars Nova Magica. Available in Print

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Dry Dock - A Story of Maiyim. It's been thirty-five years since the fall of One Maiyim. Oceanvine and Saltspray decide to take a nice leisurely cruise around the islands, but while One Maiyim might be gone, someone is certainly making trouble out there.  Available in Print

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Coming soon!

Third Series: Ars Scientiaque Magicae:

Book One:
Unexpected Reactions.

    Two hundred years ago Wizard Oceanvine hid the yacht Maiyim Bourne away, but nothing stays hidden forever. When Jerry Carter finds the boat in the wreckage of his father's warehouse, he undertakes a responsibility he neither desired nor was ready for.

 Available in Print

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        Book Two:
Hypothetical Notions

    In the second book of the series Jerry Carter and Islandtwist continue on their quest toward Methis' Forge. But quests are always filled with dangers and detours and this quest leads them not only across the world of Maiyim but entirely beyond as well. 

Available in Print

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Lift Off!  - A Story of the Tzali

The World of Maiyim stands in peril of alien invasion from space. The aliens are aggressive and desperate. The conquest of Maiyim is their only chance for survival. This is a story of those invaders and how they were chosen for the colonization fleet. Available in Print   

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    Book Three:

 Theoretical Bases

Now mages of master rank, Spinnaker and Islandtwist, travel to Querna in the Granomish Archipelago where they are asked to serve as bodyguards to Her Royal Highness, Princess Ilyanna as she progresses around the kingdom on a goodwill tour. Meanwhile there are mysterious happenings in space. Could the Tzali invasion be here at last?

Available in Print   
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    Book Four:

 Required Components

The Tzali, aggressive colonizers from an alien world, have arrived in Maiyim's system and only master mages Islandtwist and Spinnaker can tell the world just what they are up against. Will anyone believe them when they cannot explain just how they know so much about the attackers?

Available in Print 
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Book 5:

Experimental Proofs

       The Tzali now have a claw-hold on Maiyim's moon and a massive asteroid invasion base from which they are preparing for the final invasion of Maiyim. Meanwhile, the sinister Sons and Daughters of Maiyim are manipulating both sides to their own ends, but when the Maiyim Strike Force suddenly invades the Olen School and abducts the Tzali loner and their ally, Pulac-pa, they all have a new set of enemies to deal with.

Available in Print  
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Book 6:

Desired Results

In the  exciting conclusion of Ars Scientiaque Magicae,  Master Mages Island Twist, Spinnaker, the alien Pulac-pa and all their colleagues must stop the invading Tzali and then must deal with a far worse danger, The Sons and Daughters of Maiyim.

Available in Print  
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