Gaenor's Quest


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Follow adepts Gaenor of Narmouth, Artur the Southlander and others on this multi-volume quest set in a 19th Century level fantasy world.


Book One:
   The Red Light of Dawn -  Fantasy adventure. Maps are available.    Available in Print
The people of Narmouth had always thought young Gaenor was a bit odd, but even they would never have thought she would vie for a man's job by applying for an apprenticeship with the local adept. However, getting the job is just the start. Working for the mysterious Artur the Southlander, she not only learns magic but proves herself to be an inventive genius. When Artur is placed on the king's honors list, they travel to the capital, but end up running for their lives.

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Book Two:
     The Black Clouds of Noon -  Fantasy adventure. Maps are available.   Available in Print
Gaenor and Artur survived their trek through the desert only to receive a far more difficult task; save the World! But they cannot do it alone; they're going to need allies. So they begin their search for more willing adepts, but when Artur's hidden past comes to light, they get dragged into a detour no one would have expected.

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Book Three:
   The Rainbow of Dusk -  Fantasy adventure. Maps are available.   Available in Print
With Artur's problems seemingly behind them,
Gaenor, Artur and company continue their search for allies, but not all their allies are as they might have chosen and they must travel through lands where being adept or using magic is a capital offense.

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 Book Four:
 The Cold, Clear Skies of Midnight -  Fantasy adventure. Maps are available.   Available in Print
Gaenor's Quest comes to its exciting conclusion in Book Four as Gaenor, Artur and company set sail for Ichtar, the land of the demons.

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